How to transport COVID-19 vaccine in China?

cold chain transport vaccine transport

The storage and transportation conditions announced by Sinopharm China biology are 2-8 C, which is consistent with the storage and transportation conditions of all existing vaccines in China, and there is no need to reconstruct cold chain facilities. This means that vaccines can be supplied on a large scale to a large number of countries and regions in Africa, South America, and Asia. The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, and other countries have approved the use of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine.

We are using refrigerated trucks ensuring that it is always 2-8 degrees Celsius during transportation. Sometimes it is necessary to heating in cold regions, Outdoor temperatures can reach -40 degrees, to prevent vaccine failure at ultra-low temperatures, it is necessary to heat the vaccine to a temperature of 2 ~ 8 degrees Celsius.  

Covid-19 vaccine delivery vehicles require dual temperature truck refrigeration units to ensure that the whole cold chain. High-temperature cooling, low-temperature heating

The vaccine cold chain transport requires pharmaceutical logistics companies to have the ability to integrate advanced refrigeration systems, packaging systems, temperature and humidity sensing transmission systems, real-time tracking position and temperature, temperature, and humidity cloud data platform.

COVID-19 vaccine Cold-Chain Transport


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