E-2600PRO Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner

Sinoclima E-2600PRO is a DC-powered air conditioning system that works while the vehicle’s engine is turned off allowing drivers to rest in comfort wherever they are, day and night.
Great cooling performance. No idling required.

Additional information

Product Name

Driven Type

DC Powered Truck Air Conditioning


Split design type






Electric Compressor


Digital, In Cab

Product Details:

Sinoclima E-2600PRO air conditioner consists of a condenser mounted on the external rear wall of the cabin and the evaporator which is installed on the interior cabin wall. The split design offers maximum flexibility in positioning the separate components. The E-2600pro keeps the cabin temperature of commercial vehicles at a safe and comfortable temperature.

Product Features

  • Driven by DC 12V/24V electric compressor
  • The no-idle air conditioner can be used when the engine is off
  • Brushless fans have a long lifetime and lower power consumption
  • Remote control, combined with manual
  • Uses environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Optional heater pumper heating
  • 1 Year Warranty


Product Parameters

Rated Current50A/38A
Cooling capacity2600W
Power600W – 860W
CompressorModelElectric scroll compressor
Rotate Speed1500 – 4500rpm
Evaporator blower air vol.650m3/h
Condenser fan air vol.1050m3/h
Interior unit Dimensions & Weight540 x 362 x 165mm  & 6kg
Exterior unit Dimensions & Weight682 x 465 x 192mm   & 24kg
Vehicle ApplicationsAll trucks, construction machinery , tractor etc.


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