SF-350 Transport Refrigeration Units for Sale Export to Mexico


SF-350 transport refrigeration unit is designed for small to medium refrigerated trucks. Nose mounted.Sinofrigo sold 10 sets of SF-350 to one Mexico refrigerated truck body builder company.

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SF-350 Truck Refrigeration Photo

According to customers’ feedback, the SF-350 truck refrigeration unit Mexico is the first time, before they use Thermo King KV-300, Carrier Viento-350 or Hwasung Thermo, Dongin Thermo transport refrigeration units, and it is the first time to use Sinofrigo transport refrigeration unit, it has a good design and high configuration. With CPR valve, Injection valve. With a very lower failure rate. suitable for their high-temperature conditions.

sf350 truck refrigeration unit
Photo: Sinofrigo SF-350 Truck Refrigeration Unit Mexico Installation

Mexico is one of the countries in North America, high temperate in the whole year and rich in agriculture and meat. There are many refrigerated truck bodybuilders and refrigeration van builders in Mexico. They convert trucks or vans into refrigerated vehicles. Then they will install refrigeration units on those vehicles. There are many refrigeration system brands in Mexico. Sinofrigo is a new brand in the market, but with high feedback. We hope more and more distributors join us, sell Sinofrigo transport refrigeration units in Mexico or other countries overseas. It will be a great chance.


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