Why do I prefer to Sinoclima Van refrigeration unit?


Sinoclima SF-360TS with electric standby van refrigeration units have been sold into South Africa country. Mr.Julian given gave a high rating for sinoclima refrigeration equipment. Mr.Julian said: I know sinoclima for many years, and the quality I can trust on, All units with good quality and reasonable prices.

I have been in the transport refrigeration industry for over 30 years. I have used European, American, and other brands before, but there has never been a product like Sinoclima. They give us one year warranty and a 5-year spare parts supply. I am not worried about the units’ quality and after services.

sf 360ts van refrigeration units

SF-360TS transport refrigeration system in Sinoclima is the roof-mount unit with electric standby. Specially designed for city cold chain delivery. ST-360TS with R404A/R134A refrigerant, the temperature adjust range is -25℃ to +30℃, which has the advantages of quick freezing, low system pressure, low failure rate.

The road compressor is powered by the vehicles’ engine and the second compressor is powered by an electric compressor. When the engine stop running, it can plug into external ac power. The standby units are built-in condenser units. Save space and is easy to install.

sf 360ts units sinoclima

Sinoclima warmly welcomes you to consult us on the transport refrigeration units. We always believe that a long cooperation ship is based on better service!


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